Snake’s World Tour

Day 40

Snake was present right away, urging me to climb onto his back. ‘We have work to do…’ I did, becoming a tiny figure on his large body as he took me on a journey around the world. Each of the impressions I received in the different places came through my own body-soul; Snake was completely neutral other than guiding me there.

The first was into a suburban garden setting near the edge of the pond. As we toured this area, I felt how satisfying it was for human beings; it was a pleasant, benign natural setting, but from Snake’s perspective, it was terribly restricted and exclusive. There was no space or possibility for anything wild to visit or inhabit; it was all civilized and not wild-connected at all.

The second setting was a desert. Surprisingly I felt my body relax and my breathing open. The desert felt like a hospital setting where things could heal and repair themselves in the space apart. I felt the aliveness, even in the endless sand, and was aware of creatures moving—insects and scorpions. It felt unexpectedly harmonious and tranquil perhaps because human beings could not easily inhabit these places. Then as soon as I had this thought, I saw oil-digging operations and immediately, the fragile space was traumatized and violated.

Snake moved me on to the next place—frigid mountain peaks, far above the tree-line. I felt the thin, rarefied air, the vast silence, the sense of rock-beings exposed and articulate. This was another kind of holy place, to be with the stars and the cosmos but also to feel the raw power of the mountain beings. Then, as in the previous setting, a crowd of noisy tourists invaded the landscape, leaving plastic bottles, litter and noise as they ‘conquered’ the mountain, drunk on their arrogant hubris. What was pristine was again violated.

From there we plunged into the depths of the ocean, beneath the ice of the Arctic Circle and I saw the great sea creatures in anticipatory agony. They were aware that the ground beneath them was about to be ravaged in the hungry search for oil. A deep distress filled them as they prepared for this massively disruptive invasion. I was sad.

One final site. I saw a solitary figure in a woodland setting. Golden light streamed in as he sat meditating in a Buddhist-like fashion. Totally peaceful and deeply rooted, like the trees around him, breathing quietly and steadily. As I watched from a distance, I sensed he was a man, not a woman, but he could be any man.

I continued watching as, one by one, creatures approached him from the rear. He may have been aware of them but he did nothing. He remained completely calm in his meditation. Python, cougar, jaguar… all manner of wild animal, one by one, passed by near him. I had the sense that any and all were welcome.

‘This is the garden,’ I realize, not sure whether Snake actually told me this or if I just knew. We are responsible for creating Eden now. It is not an actual place, for everywhere man has ventured has been plundered. This was very clear from Snake’s journeys today. This peaceful inner space was the only true sanctuary. I am gently stunned by the beauty and simplicity of this and the responsibility we each have to create a modern Noah’s Ark, a safe and sacred space where all creatures are welcome.