Co-Creative Earth Restoration through Deep Intimacy with Nature

In 2016, I offered a seven-part course called ‘Opening Gaia’s Light Mysteries.’ Two groups explored the dynamics of working co-creatively with Nature. We began by creating sacred space in the living room, meditating together to prepare ourselves to open to the earth elements before moving into the garden and nearby ravine where we focused on consciously connecting with Nature’s subtle energies.


The spirit of the Earth is exceedingly generous. When we commune with any natural element, Her teachings slip into our bones, resonate in our hearts and awaken ancient memories. Through deep intimacy with the specific earth elements that beckoned each of us, we were touched in the most gentle, natural ways. This is the essence of earth restoration—as the subtle energies in our landscapes are respectfully engaged, our sense of wholeness is affirmed. By remembering how to listen and be guided by Nature’s wisdom, our mutual aliveness begins to be restored.

The following includes the original course outline and suggestions for different ways to commune with the Earth.