Learning to Abide

Day 24

As I sat by the edge of the pond, Snake glided up beside me. I was glad to see him as he approached my left hip. Sensing I was receptive, he lifted his head up into my lap and rested there, peacefully, as I stroked his forever-neck, like I would an old dog-friend. We sat in this fashion for a good while. Contented.

Then I wondered if the scene would shift. Was this just a pause, a preparation for something else… ‘Isn’t this enough?’ Snake seemed to say. I was not sure it was. Not a lot of mystery unfolding here. I thought I knew this territory but once again, he proved I don’t. As my mind drifted away, he called me back and I returned, a little peevish, wanting something more interesting. When the message came, I was not sure whether it was from Snake or somewhere else.

‘If you want to be Love, you have to learn to Abide.’

Ouch. Here was the challenge. The opposite of restlessness. Feeling Snake’s quiet presence, he affirmed in his silent way that abiding is his primary way of Being. I saw from his viewpoint how frantic, fickle, furious, frustrated and frenzied human beings are, and how these energies alienate the creatures’ abiding peacefulness.

Continuing to pet Snake, now with my full attention, I thanked him for being a teacher in this realm, knowing I needed his silent presence to help me learn how to abide.

He slid away into the earth behind me, indicating almost casually that he would see me tomorrow. I had a sense of the power of abiding as the glue within all relationships as well as the shadow-dangers of aspiration that rend the fabric between us. I have a new appreciation for the power of silent abiding, and how excellent the creatures are in this role.