Our Shared Journey


Though our stories are different, the journey is one we experience together.

In my early life, I was filled with lofty ideals and fevered aspiration. Like a young bird, I was perched in the treetops of life, leaning out into the rarified air, eager to take flight. My descent through the maze of branches, into the heart-wood and the deep moist roots of feminine embodiment involved many detours, or so it seemed at the time. I survived a patriarchal cult and the crumbling of faith. With two young sons, I entered a catalytic love affair which lead to a tragic birth and untimely death. Intensive therapy and meetings with remarkable women while sourcing my body-soul’s creative wellspring provided new fertile ground. The Raven Essence project blossomed during these years. People witnessed me creating a garden sanctuary and renovating a heritage house for numerous gatherings and retreats. Meanwhile, I quietly communed with ancient stones, spirit guides, trees and snakes, and the Soul of the World. Time and age have carved many story-lines into my face while my journey continues to unfold with a tremendous sense of destiny.


The Journey



We often enthusiastically embark on our lives full of ideals and illusions. Whether harmless or full of contradiction, these inspirations mark the start of our path.



As nonconforming experiences enter and exit our lives, our youthful ideals gradually shatter, requiring us to adopt new perspectives and address challenging questions. Abandoning our initial path, we begin a journey into ourselves where at first everything may feel dark, broken and neglected.



And then the unimaginable happens. Life events, both heart-breaking and heart-opening, take us deeper into ourselves than we ever imagined, inviting us to start over, this time from within.



Even the briefest glimpse into our deepest selves opens a door through which the voices that live within us can now surface and be heard. This is psyche, our soul, yearning to be embodied, bearing wisdom that defies patriarchal constructs and cannot be neatly boxed and labelled.



Honouring and listening to the still small voice of wisdom, we open to being held and moved by Source. No longer determined by will and ego, our life gradually becomes one of heightened presence. Our actions are characterized by surrender, service, and a sense of fulfillment as our identity is shaped by the ease of being-with rather than doing.


Exploring where you are, where you are going, and the wisdom you need now is how we begin our one-on-one work together.