One-on-One Offerings


Sometimes a companion helps us hear the wisdom rising from the depth of our being.

Our relationship to creation is as intimate and constant as our breath, moving in and through us, sustaining and shaping us. When we lose touch with the ground of our being, our inner lives can feel like a wasteland; we may need help to ground and come home to ourselves again. Even when we feel connected, a loving witness can assist us to open unexplored dimensions within us, or offer new ways to remember our communion with the Earth’s wisdom and beauty.


A Moment with Your Inner Gold

In this free 20-minute telephone consultation, I explore three key questions with you: Where am I? Where am I going? What wisdom do I need now?

Intuiting a flower essence definition for each question, I share my insights about how it specifically applies to you. As part of the Raven Essence project, the 350 flower essence definitions serve as a highly nuanced earth-based divinatory system. While I finish the call by recommending a specific essence to support you on your life journey, you are not obliged to purchase anything. An audio file of our session along with the essence information is emailed to you after our call.

For those who appreciated this introductory reading and would like a refresher in this format, the Refining Your Inner Gold Reading is a similar in-depth option.


Andrea’s Moment with Your Inner Gold session started a process that has transformed my life.
— Laura / Palm City, FL

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Personalized Flower Essences

I love creating personal combinations from the 350 Raven Essences; each combination tells a story and offers specific healing energy. The three-part process begins with a half-hour consultation to identify your area of interest and to create an intention for the essence. After you have received and begun to work with your essence, we arrange another half-hour session to decode Nature’s story revealed through the definitions. The combination of the vibrational energy and the detailed story-information provides you with a potent resource for gentle change. All the essences were created in my garden from 1995 to 2017 as part of the Raven Essence project.


The distillation of flowers and words reveal an underlying story with many grand ‘aha’ moments.
— Mary Ann / Nanaimo, BC

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Intuitive Consultations

In these intimate hour-long sessions, my intention is to help you draw forth the wisdom resting within your body-soul.

Before our session, I invite you to share a brief email about what you wish to focus on to help us prepare for our time together. In the session, I begin by sensing and describing your energy; at the end, I tune in again to witness what has shifted during our time.

Moving into the Mystery together, I intuit a framework for our conversation before guiding you to sink into your energy and listen more deeply than you may have before. I might ask provocative questions or direct you to areas of your body to unearth specific information. I hold space as you look with your heart’s eye, feel into sensations with your intuitive imagination, and listen for wise guidance from your deepest source. Mirroring you, I affirm, amplify and sometimes clarify what occurred during our exploration. As you are fully seen and heard, my desire is for you to come away with nourishing inspiration from what you have discovered within yourself.

The session, in person or by phone, can be recorded for you to revisit for integration and further reflection.


Andrea’s gifts as a deep, intuitive listener have been honed through years of engaging with the frequencies of the natural world.
— Maria / Toronto, ON

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Retreats at Owl’s Nest

Located in historic Port Hope, an hour east of Toronto, my home is a peaceful retreat space for women.


A guided solo retreat provides deep body-soul nourishment as you come home to yourself. In a brief telephone conversation before the retreat, we shape the nature of your time, focusing on your specific needs and desires. Our one-on-one time together is a flexible, fine-tuned balance between quiet time reading, journalling, and meditation along with focused support through shared intuitive listening. The Raven flower essences and Deborah Koff-Chapin’s Soul Cards play a part in our process. Music and movement, along with walks by Lake Ontario and in the nearby ravines complement our time together. I love to pamper guests with delicious home-cooked meals, and can easily accommodate a wide range of dietary needs. After the retreat, we arrange a follow-up conversation to discuss the integration of your retreat experience.


Owl’s Nest serves as a tranquil, supportive setting for the solo retreats of writers and creative artists. The spacious master bedroom has an ensuite bath and private balcony. You’re welcome to enjoy the rest of the house, the sunroom, living room, verandah and garden during your stay.


  1. Check availability in the calendar. Retreats are available March through November. Special dates beyond those indicated can be arranged by request.

  2. Email me to book a time.

  3. Pay through the Raven Essences online store.

The retreat helped me ignite my spiritual pilot light. It meant so much to have a safe, nurturing, loving environment to open up in.
— Charlene/ Beamsville, ON

Whatever we do one-on-one will meaningfully combine with similar work in community.

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