Born from Nature, we are forever connected to the Earth.

And yet, we have become so unaware of Earth's energies. Most of us can no longer feel or hear the presence of the natural world within and around us. She is like an old friend who has been all but forgotten.

Everyone's connection to the Earth is unique. From childhood we are drawn to different aspects of nature—the patterns in stones, the comfort of trees, the companionship of animals, the sensuality of water. These attractions imprint our body-souls and influence who we become. Thirty years of focused, intuitive listening have rooted me deep into the Soul of the World. Here are the perspectives that guide me.



Emergence is an organic process where two or more elements, synergistically attracted to one another, create something that wasn't there before. Emergence involves both ‘mystery’ and science. When oxygen and hydrogen combine to make water, H20 carries properties neither element has by itself. Never linear and rarely predictable, the process of emergence operates in response to a need or impulse in the larger ecosystem that we may not intellectually comprehend. Seeing ourselves as part of the whole and honouring the uniqueness of our creative gifts, we may begin to participate in a harmonious process of emergence, rather than relying solely on willpower and mental brilliance to achieve desired outcomes.



The term body-soul encompasses the total consciousness of our Being. Technology tends to deepen the fissures between heart, mind, and body causing us to increasingly treat our bodies like machines. Meanwhile, our soul’s wisdom and beauty pulses within and around us as creative possibility. Every cell in our body ‘speaks’ in each moment, shaping our consciousness as part of our exquisite entanglement with the world. Each gesture, sound and action we make reveals some aspect of ourselves. Being conscious of the scope and power of this innate aliveness enhances our intimacy with the soul of creation. 



Caring for Mother Earth has always been a central role of humanity. Our ancient ancestors’ survival depended upon right relationship with the earth. In shifting our focus to individual self-actualization, we lost awareness of our deeply rooted connection with the earth, compromising the vitality of our bodies and the land. Earth restoration requires a disciplined attentiveness to both inner and outer landscapes. We cannot repair the rivers and soils while ignoring our own blood and bones. Healing the Earth in these times requires a ‘both/and’ approach guided by curiosity, humility and a willingness to listen to the Soul of the World. The intelligence and vital life-energies of our body-souls provide the fertile ground for all forms of creative activism.  



As the intelligent, evolving aliveness animating the cosmos, Source unifies consciousness with material form. Mindful connection to this wholeness opens us to moments of wonder, spontaneity and intuitive insight. The generative energies of Source are present within the living matrix of the Earth. We access Source in many ways—through ancient traditions, contemplative practices and deep listening to Nature.



The sacred feminine is a primal evolutionary force currently rising within the consciousness of women and men alike. Honouring and integrating the feminine principle in harmony with masculine strengths is a hallmark of our time. Remembering and embodying feminine principles such as receptivity, presence, generativity and oneness, we allow the power of love to inform and guide us, rather than perpetuating our destructive addiction to power.



Beyond cooperating with and caring for our fellow human beings, revisioning community means opening ourselves to embrace the intelligent interconnectedness of all life. The ability to ‘commune’ is at the root of ‘community.’ We are designed to resonate and commune with all the elements on earth. Enlivened kinship with trees, stones, whales, water and soil softens our polarized divisiveness and eases the deep loneliness plaguing humanity. Our challenge in these times is to re-member community through a visceral awareness of our oneness. 


Ideas such as these can guide us on our shared journey.

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