Destiny Revealed through Thankfulness and Gratitude

Sacred energy has been gradually building over the past nine months as your soul-seeds quietly gestated. You cannot fully comprehend all that will be born from this time; any birth marks a liminal threshold between the known and the Great Mystery.

Like oil buried in the earth, an ancient layer of wisdom lies waiting to be tapped deep within the feminine body-soul. Diving into the depths to retrieve this precious oil gives you the fuel to hold your light in the world. Ecological restoration begins in the wise earth of your body-souls, when the forgotten language of soul and the silenced music of creation are held sacred once more. Everything you view as private and personal is an essential part of this restoration. Many scratch at the surface, terrified at what lies in the depths, yet nothing is so wounded or diseased that cannot be met, held, and transformed with love.

For the oil of love to flow again, courageously plumb the depths of your own darkness and bring each wound and sorrow into your creative fire, letting the flames light your world.

I cannot restore the sacred web of life alone. You bear a great responsibility—to be your Self. Know that I celebrate your presence, the blessing of your breath, the joyfulness of your dance. Your freedom song carries love and healing for all creation.