Voluntary Shadow-Work

The world has become a dark and armoured place. Some of your work involves the reclaiming of a sacred darkness that has been abandoned and denied. Together, you have made a temple, to gather and allow many aspects of the shadow—the lost and discarded—to find its way home. This is the most holy work of the feminine—calling home all that has been cast out. Your small heart stretches to meet and hold this; let it open with gratitude. Feel the breeze of love moving within your body-soul. When you ache, become soft and loosen; let yourself bend like a willow. Welcome each forgotten part, another piece of shadow darkness, and bless its return.

There is a beautiful trembling when the soul opens beyond the rigid defenses of the ego. When the soul is given room to speak, it stirs new life throughout your entire being. This sweet life-trembling affirms that you are part of the world making itself whole. Do not call it ‘excitement’ or ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety;’ simply welcome it into the rivers of your being as part of your natural radiance.

In many corners of the world, people are afraid to open to this trembling and to allow their light to shimmer freely. Let your holy trembling nourish you and even make you hungry for more. Falling in love with your Self, you remember the beauty and the wisdom you are meant bring into the world. Will you shy away, or will you take courage and stand in your radiance?

As you do this shadow-work, darkness begins to differentiate into aqua, indigo, red and orange—all vibrantly alive. Your eyes see more. Your heart opens to hold more. Your creativity is boundless. Rejoice as your trembling touches creatures and plants, all the earth elements and beyond. You are restoring Home. I am grateful for your shimmering presence.