Conscious Conspiracy with Nature

A tidal wave of fear is destabilizing the entire web of life. The quiet work of coming home to a place of stillness helps to repair this tattered web. While you may feel pulled to engage and make a difference, your efforts may add to the rapidly accelerating destruction if you forget to remain rooted in the ground of your being.

Breathe and feel the holy simplicity of being present in this moment. Within your tree-like stance, the power of stillness anchors everything. You have touched this briefly; let the imprint of this deep river of peace flow in you; trust and follow it in ways that feel natural and true.

You are moving into a time when words fail; new ways are needed to comprehend and express what is rising within you. Though you are moving into the unknown, you were born to experience the Great Mystery! Disoriented and wobbly, as you settle into the ground of your being and follow your breath, you will sense the right direction and the precise amount of effort required, moment by moment. This is the feminine way of being; your body-soul remembers and loves this ancient language. Trust the rising tides within you and surrender to your body’s wisdom.