Creating a New Garden

Approaching the end of this cycle, breathe and feel the beauty present within this gathering. As meadow flowers blossom in their own time and way, each of you carries an essential quality of spirit. Breathing together, feel how the entire web of this circle has and continues to be tuned and shaped by the Great Weaver.

With a soft heart, ponder what you brought to this circle; there are many ways to participate. Your initial call to be present engaged your heart and tethered you to a process deeper and more comprehensive than you might have anticipated. Shallow judgments of what did not transpire are irrelevant. True understanding requires deep honesty and heart-centered discernment to appreciate what spirit accomplished within this crucible.

The substance you generated is not just for you; it feeds the Soul of the World. More than ever, the darkness calls to be met with an equal tsunami of love. Reaching for your truth and compassionate love created a web of light that helps to filter the world’s darkness.

As this year moves towards its completion, view this time as an ‘opening into…’ Keep listening and weaving the sacred web. Whatever future forms appear, cultivate love and let it pour generously into the world. Standing in your strength and beauty, you are embodying the power of the priestess.