Completing the Circle of Life

In a world of gathering storms, an oasis has quietly taken root in each of you. Beauty has many variations; your unique expression is vital to restoring the rich diversity of sanctuary on the earth.

‘How can I protect sacred space within myself? What do I need to keep my oasis lush and holy?’ Recognizing what you need allows you to give generously to yourself. Though starvation and cruelty darken the world, loving kindness, purposefulness and compassion also flow. Choosing to align yourself with Life opens the door to greater mystery. Nurturing your relationship to that greater mystery is simple; with one fully attended breath, the sweetness of sanctuary returns.

Do not forget what you know. Resist the tendency to deny or to shame yourself for what is only beginning to blossom. Tend your heart, cultivate your body-wisdom and know that all is well.

All is well…