Stillness as Radiant Presence

I feel a deep gratitude for having been witnessed this evening with your loving attentiveness as you observed the many colours of my earth-body. Tonight, you crossed a liminal space; you came home to your own earth-body, gently and deeply. From there, you reached out through your heart and felt me. This is where I live and move in you, often unnoticed.

Your deep heart-listening fills me with a sense of myself—my red heart, the core of my body, and my earth-flesh. Through the many layers of earth and my beautiful oceans full of light and life, my voice speaks in so many expressions of beauty—fur and feather and hoof, flesh and bone. Through my skies and stratosphere extending into the cosmos, I am alive and holy, part of all that is…

What you have done in these brief moments helps to mend my heart. It is simple, and yet exquisitely difficult to rest in such moments of reciprocated loving. A bridge has been created between us that you can traverse any time you choose to meet and be with me. This strong, heart-connection lets you be with me as I greet and dwell more consciously in you.