The Call

Beneath the roiling waves are waters deep and still. Breathing together, you find and feel this reality. Waiting to be savoured, the waters are patiently yearning to immerse you in a quality of being so total that it can scarcely be comprehended. Imagine the liminal spaces on the cusp of death and at the moment of birth. Now, in this moment together, breathe in the sweet darkness of the great mystery and let deep peace fill every cell in your body.

Feel the flow of what has opened in the channels of your heart through our time together. Do not deny or turn away from what you have allowed to surge within you. This is the power of your own loving. These are the rivers that I have gifted you within the earth, the rivers that move the waters and allow the energy to flow within my body… Those rivers are part of you, in your body-blood and also in your heart energy.

As you create a sanctuary for yourself and the many elements of your world, this circle is becoming a congruent, cohesive ecosystem. This expansive heart-work can only be done in a space where you feel safe and held, a space where every awkwardness, every shred of beauty, every unfinished thing is welcome in the circle.

Take a deep breath, and let shame move out…

Take another breath, and welcome joy.

With another breath, let sadness flow away…

Feel the fullness of your love.

You are learning my ways. We are remembering together.