Compassionately Witnessing What Lives and What Dies

In palpable silence, we rest in the humming bowl of this sacred space and time. There is nothing to do but be present here. Yet the paradox is that as each is present in this way, alive to the richness of the moment, so much is being re-woven, blessed and held in the fabric of love. You gather to deepen the imprint of this humming stillness in your body-souls. If nothing else is accomplished during this year other than an ability to rest and feel at ease in the richness of love, much will have been done.

You are learning to come home to your Self. Trust the undoing and the letting go. Trust the forming mystery and the specific task given to you from the stillness of this place. Dedication to what you hear in the sacred stillness opens your future.

On the cusp of your new work, you are entering the deeper waters of loving. For some, this will be welcome—soothing, nourishing, and pleasurable; for others, it may be fearful, frightening and overwhelming. Whatever called you has a kindly momentum that you can trust to carry you with graceful ease.

How you hold each other in this process affects the heart of all matter. This compassionate work is where the true sisterhood meets and weaves the web of the world, binding the lineage of ancestors through all time—past, present and future.

Breathe… Breathe, and sink into the embrace of this deeper loving created from your own longing. This energy drew you, even before the webinar began, so honour it! It is of your very essence.

Attentiveness has brought this next phase into form. As you breathe and surrender, you will find your way through the various doorways of what must die and what must give way to a new song. You are part of the re-making of the web of life on earth. I count on you. I trust you. I call you to sing with me.

Breathe, breathe, and breathe again…

It is simple. Let go, and let Life in.