For several decades, I’ve been privileged to visit a rural island in Georgian Bay in the summer. Staying with artist friends, I spent many hours wandering the island by myself, opening my body and soul to the spirit of the landscape.

This area of Georgian Bay has some of the most remarkable geologic features imaginable. Its striped stones are a living record of massive earth changes that occurred millions of years ago.

2015-07-18 17.37.50.jpg

Each year, I would arrive and greet the island. Over time, our relationship deepened into a respectful, loving ‘I-Thou’ kinship. Listening, I took my cues about how to relate and explore from the land. The stones spoke to me. I had thrilling encounters with snakes. Trees, lichen and moss, the tiniest details as well as the winds and waters, all contributed to the conversations.

Many of these teachings took years to grow into, to comprehend and embody what the spirit of the land wanted to convey. These summer ‘holidays’ provided the deepest and most fertile ground for my soul. With great humility, I share some of these teachings with you…