On Balance

Balance in a Broken World

Geo. Bay Tree #2.JPG

The voice of the Spirit of the Island: There are three portals that you are to listen within. You have found the first one. I will offer you different essential lessons from each portal. The first is about the illusion of balance, from the human perspective…

In changing times, balance is more about adaptation and fluid change than maintaining stable structures and empire-building.

Look at the pine tree in front of you. Its entire appearance is a compromise on the way a pine tree would normally grow. Instead of developing from a strong vertical center, the tree leans sideways. When the central trunk was broken off, some of the strong lower limbs assumed the leader function.

Is the pine tree distorted? Does it need to be fixed?

From a human perspective, seeking a perfect Christmas tree, this pine is an abomination. From another perspective, it’s strange anomaly creates a uniquely welcoming grove, its sway-backed lower branch creating cradle-seat. Its posture is a reminder to bend and bow in some situations; it can also be a symbol of the courageous ability to re-invent oneself under strife. The tree does not apologize for its inventiveness.

This example of balance, in this particular circumstance, is not a reassertion of a rigid standard of perfection but a celebration of ecological inventiveness.

Balance is the ongoing adaptation of imagination and form into completely new possibilities. When faced with something that does not fit our typical standards, asking, “What is this becoming?” invites a more open hearted spaciousness than “What is wrong; how can it be fixed?” A broader perspective of balance opens us to the Great Mystery.

Our world is like this ‘wounded’ pine, seeking to become something new, a vision not remembered but scarcely even dreamt or conceived. Seen from the earth’s perspective, balance involves a radical surrender into everything that is present—shadow, disease, dysfunction, as well as love and joy… Earth’s energies are moving to reconfigure the entire state of the planet; human concepts about ‘paradise’, ecology and balance need to yield to a much more forgiving and spacious possibility than we have imagined.

Creating places of sanctuary, earth-nests that are open to the will of the changes occurring in the earth, are important. Time spent in these places will allow the energy of the new myths and stories to be coaxed into consciousness, both within the earth herself and in human imagination.

Mark this nest with something that will acknowledge your presence and commitment to this process.

I left the area and found two stones: a piece of pure white quartz and a black stone with a small circle of quartz around it, almost like a necklace. I placed these at the base of the tree as an offering and a promise…