From Janis, Juliette and Elisha

The Wisdom of Our Animal Bodies

The Wisdom of Our Animal Bodies was our theme for the March 2019 Women’s Circle. Through movement, guided meditation, deep listening and automatic writing, the veil between human and animal momentarily dissolved as we called the energies of the animal kingdom into our sacred space. Three women shared their personal encounters.

Janis and the Salamander

“Get out in nature more. Scrape your belly on the ground, feel the black earth under your fingernails, sit with your back against a tree. Be still in the forest—walk in, then drop to the earth, lower your energy level. S-L-O-W I-T D-O-W-N. Slow it right down. Listen to the forest sounds—those close and those far away. See the small details. Taste the berries. In the silence you will be able to sense beyond your senses.

I have all I need—the pond, the forest. Water is my lifeblood and if it is tainted, my life is tainted. I need the water to be clean. I need the water to be pure, for the runoff to be pure, for the rain to be pure.

May the consciousness of humans be cleansed. May love for all prevail.”

Juliette and the Eagle

"I may soar to great heights and see a perspective that my fellow beings do not get an opportunity to see, but I do not need to speak of the magic I see from above.

There is no need to distinguish myself when I roam on land.

My strength is not diminished because my wings are folded.

My talons are powerful—I grip and hold, hunt and dance.

I merge these two planes, Spirit and Earth.

I am powerful spirit in both realms.

I am seen in my power and my integrity.

There is no need to pretend to be anything but me to understand the rest of the animal kingdom.

I need you to ask me more often for my point of view. I need you to trust in your power that you have chosen to harness.

Stretch your wings, you have farther to go. Be strong in both realms and speak from your essence."

Elisha, Dancing with the Animal Kingdom

I feel your breath

I feel your call

I feel you within

I dance with joy for your exquisite beauty tickles my heart

Golden glee shines as I part my lips

and bare my teeth

We play

We commune

I become your howl

I embody your wings

I stomp and snort

It is my humble honour to carry you with me

To make space in my bones,

in my smile

in my sweat

and in my heart for you,

the Animal Kingdom