“Snake is not all venom and vice…” Brandt Aymar

Many people fear and are repulsed by snakes. I was no exception, yet I could not dismiss the fact that snakes kept presenting themselves at significant times in my life. When I was a child, I had a recurring nightmare: Dozens of snakes dangle from their tails over my body, creating a wriggling canopy over my bed, their faces so close I cannot turn and get away. As an adult, snakes tended to appear at events, particularly when there was some spiritual intensity, though I was the only one who seemed to encounter them!

One memorable time was during a retreat with Deena Metzger at a rural Ontario property in 2008. It was my birthday; at the precise moment of the autumn equinox, we were all meditating in different areas of landscape when a snake slid quietly in front of my feet. I remained utterly still as he turned and came even closer. Almost touching my hip, he slipped down between the rocks. I was sitting on his home!

Though I researched many contrasting interpretations of the symbology of snakes, I always sensed there was more to understand.

At the beginning of 2015, prompted by an intuitive message to ‘turn up for sixty days and open to Source’, I rose before dawn, made a cup of coffee and settled into my armchair beside the fire. Closing my eyes, I let my energy drop deep into my body, opening myself to the Mystery—sometimes for several hours. Then, without leaving the chair, I immediately recorded my meditative journey.

I should not have been surprised when, in the first meditation, Snake appeared as my guide. Though I had clearly been summoned to face the energy that had been calling me my entire life, I could never have anticipated what evolved during these encounters with Snake. Though my work as a flower essence producer had gifted me with a soulful kinship to plants, my sixty mornings with Snake opened into an intimate ‘I-Thou’ relationship with one of the most reviled creatures on the planet. Day by day, the veil between us thinned as Snake’s ‘touch’ awakened the instinctual sensuosity of my own life force. It will take many years to integrate the wealth of rare wisdom I received.

The following excerpts are selected from the forthcoming Book of Snake with all sixty meditations.