Entering Snake’s Body

Day 12

Starting later than usual this morning, Snake greeted me. ‘We don’t have much time’, and he instructed me to come inside his body. I had the sense he was going to leisurely swim around beneath the surface of the pond but as soon as I entered his body, I was no longer aware of what was happening around me.

I felt myself as Snake. The sense of a whole ‘tube’ of tiny muscular adjustments throughout my snake-body felt much more subtle and complex than my typically coarse movements. Each area of this body was sensitive and sensitized, aware of itself and the environment—above, below and around. There was a heightened sense of smell; toxins and chemicals were physically repugnant. I realized Snake’s entire long body ‘listened’ and perceived everything in his environment. Every minute action was felt and coordinated within his body. In comparison, I felt clumpy and disconnected—wooden shins and stumpy feet, far too much energy in my head and very little in my lower body. Not so with snake. To know with one’s whole body felt amazing!

Snake curtailed the meditation. ‘Now you’ve had a taste,’ he said and we parted. I sensed there was much more to learn and experience. Perhaps these meditations are a continuation of the Serpent Songs I began writing years ago…