From Leslie Fell


There are numerous moments when I felt deeply connected to nature, including my own true nature within.

One is many years ago in a dream where I am to come back out of a magnificent smooth-barked tree and return to this world. It was extremely challenging, physically and emotionally, for me to reemerge from the tree’s cradle of three trunks, where I had felt an incredible peace.

It felt like a birthing.

This tree has remained in my heart as has the mammoth baobab tree in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, (originally Mosi-oa-Tunya, ‘The Smoke that Thunders’) where I spent time in the year 2000 and subsequently each time I’m in the country. This 1500—2000 years of age Grandmother Baobab shares her wisdom and healing powers with all who knock on her door.

Beside the glorious trees, there are countless aspects of the earth that deeply touch my heart. Like many, stories and images of elephants and rhinos poached, whales beaching having lost their way, land being clear cut, water and creatures dying as the plastics poison the water, the plight of the pollinators and the magnificent white lions being canned (caged and trophy hunted) weigh heavily. I’ve needed to learn practices to address and question my inner suffering related to this ache so that I have the strength to continue to do the work that calls.

As Chief Seattle said, “If all the beasts were gone, men will surely die from a great loneliness of spirit… All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth.” Nature is our great spiritual teacher and healer. It’s this awareness and the call to act which stirred my heart and soul to co-create a sanctuary space which protects the land and enables people to have a place to rejuvenate in nature. All who come to this sanctuary space now have the opportunity to be with the property’s beloved ceremonial tree, The Sacred Truth Tree. Nature continues to inform and teach me. It is when I’m truly connected with any aspect of her that I am able to become still, present, and at peace.