From Carolyn

Communing with Trees

How does a tree choose you to commune with? There is a pull to a particular tree that isn’t there with other trees. There was a curiosity stirring inside as I was drawn to this particular tree. As I approached, and let the experience wash over me, I felt I became one with the tree—slowed down in quiet, still reflection and very alert. With my back up against the trunk of the tree and my arms stretched outwards like branches, I could feel the pulse of the tree—one heart to another. I was moved to tears as I experienced a great joy through my body. My thoughts were filled with messages about loving—to feel love, reach out and love another being. This simple lesson activated within me a deep love for this tree and all the trees in the grove. This is what the trees stand for. I was left with an overwhelming sense of joy and loving energy—that it is possible to have such an intimate conversation with some part of nature that creates/releases more loving energy to our world.