Breaking the Tyranny of Busyness

“I simply don’t have time! And I hardly know what to do with myself when I’m not busy.”

Perpetuated by our modern society, our addiction to speed, performance and productivity can create anxiety and restlessness. If we’re not intensely busy, we often feel something is wrong or lacking.


A simple way to break this pressured feeling is by focusing, even briefly, on our breath. We all have the ability to adjust our rhythms and interrupt the tyranny of our clock-driven agendas. Reining in a racing mind by breathing slowly and deeply can bring us home to ourselves very quickly. Coming home to ourselves means being in harmonious accord with our body-souls and in sync with Life’s rhythms.

As we pause and breathe, we begin to drop into the spacious rhythms of stillness. Once an inner stillness is re-established, going for a slow walk in nature with a childlike openness can inspire and refresh our minds and bodies.