Rooting into and Receiving Earth-Energy


This meditation is designed to help you ground and to strengthen your embodied connection with earth energies through your lower chakras. Conscious resonance with the earth lets us access Nature’s wisdom through our body-souls. This meditation is best done indoors, where you can be undistracted.

Follow the gentle tides of your breath; relax into the fluid sensation, letting your energy gradually sink with each slow breath from your head gently down to your heart. Pause there, and enjoy the sensation of being present to the peacefulness of your heart sanctuary. Then let your energy sink further down into your belly, feeling your breath moving it gently in and out. Softening with each breath, let your energy settle even deeper into the crucible of your pelvic bowl.

Once you are fully settled in your root chakra, imagine a taproot extending from your sacrum deep into the earth. As you continue focusing on your breath, begin to draw up energy from the earth through your perineum, as though you are drinking through a straw. With each in-breath, welcome the earth-energy into your pelvic bowl, letting it fill your belly and gradually rise up to your heart chakra. Linger in this sense of rooted fullness. Allow Nature’s energies to gently hold and ground you. This is a simple yet powerful way for your body-soul to receive nourishment from the Earth.

As you consistently practice this breathing exercise, you will feel more alive and present to your own life-energy as well as more consciously aware of Nature’s rhythmic pulsations. This process is the bedrock for all healing and the anchoring source of deeply grounded inspiration.