Coordinating with Nature’s Rhythms through Conscious Breathing


Many spiritual traditions speak about the importance of conscious breathing. In one of my own meditations, I was given some insights about four aspects in the breathing process.

I understood breathing in as receiving the gift of life while breathing out can be a way of offering a conscious blessing. Expanding on this, my attention was drawn to the brief pause moments when the gentle tides of our breathing pauses and turns…

In the pause after each exhale …

Extending this moment for two or three seconds, we can relax into the sensation of emptiness and stillness. I understood this to be an opportunity to be fully present and ‘at home’ in our body-souls.

In the pause after a full inhale …

There is an opportunity to open and receive a ‘drop’ of Love through your crown chakra. Consciously suspending this pause point for a second or two, simply allow yourself to open and receive this profoundly nourishing ‘elixir.’ It may take quite a few breaths before you actually experience the sensation of receiving this energy, but once you open to let the drop of love in, it will flood your entire being.

Play with these suggestions in your own way. It can be helpful to focus solely on one of the four aspects at a time. For example, if you are concentrating on resting in empty stillness at the bottom of your breath, fully explore that sensation rather than trying to track all four elements in one breathing cycle.