On Toxins

Addressing Toxins in the Earth


If the Earth had Her way, dealing with toxic elements would be a relatively easy matter. The problem is that so much human energy is engaged in proliferating products and systems that are directly oppositional to, or only partially-aligned with Her ways. Rarely is there complete and conscious accord with Her energy; even the most ‘back to the earth’ approaches tend to be more aligned with the letter of the law than the living ways of deep spiritual alignment.

‘Do no harm’ is a simple byline for working with Nature. This approach must include an awareness of fields of energy, not just the particular physical components within an ecosystem. Intuition plays a key role in perceiving and working with fields of energy. To focus solely on the toxins, eliminating them or nullifying their effects without being aware of the entire ecosystem, will tend to perpetuate the imbalance. Developing the ability to perceive the inner workings of an ecosystem, we can respect and coordinate with the innate vitality binding all the various elements.

Supporting the healthy vitality within any ecosystem is crucial. Boosting our immune systems while engaging our vital life forces creates a climate for health; pharmaceutical drugs can create a semblance of well-being but they do not activate all the body’s subtle frequencies required for true vitality.

Four Imaginative Images for Earth-Healing

  1. I saw people standing along various acupuncture points in an particular ecosystem, listening deeply together, then sounding together to open channels of energy in the earth.

  2. I saw people standing in a circle around a toxic ‘hot spot,’ grounding themselves, then sounding into the vortex. I had a sense of vertical depth through this healing application.

  3. Once a distinct field of energy has been defined, I saw people dancing vigorously, to release the blocked earth-energies and to let them be freely expressive again.

  4. I saw one person lying on the ground while another person does bodywork on them, fully aware of the connection between his or her body and the land. While the focus is on working the earth, in this application, the person’s body may be more accessible and easier to ‘read’ than the land. This application could apply if the person already has a deep resonance with the land.

These four exercises offer creative ways to work within a field of energy—to open, gently stimulate, encourage a healing response, engage new life, and welcome vibrancy. All of these activities, done with respect for the timing of the field and the self-repair mechanisms at work in the ecosystem will assist in not only alleviating the stress from the toxins but also in engaging a whole new level of possibilities.

The Element of Timing

Before addressing toxic factors in an environment, it is vital to tune into whether the land is ready and willing to purge itself. Only then can appropriate human activation coordinate with shifts in the earth, rather than imposing healing. Timing greatly influences the easy release of toxic energies. Before anything can be released, the system has to be sufficiently strong and ready to receive the flow of new vitality. If the release occurs before these factors are in place, the imbalanced toxicities will tend to reassert themselves, often in even more complex ways. This is a caution to those with good intentions around earth-restoration! Our desires to heal the earth and rectify our mistakes can be another subtle form of top-down, patriarchal imposition. Developing the skills to commune with Nature, learning to perceive the inner life within an ecosystem, humbly listening for its needs and desires is far more important than rushing in to eliminate the toxins.

Toxins can sometimes be viewed as creatively impositional elements within a field. The way a body or an ecosystem reacts and responds can, under the right circumstances, initiate greater strength, resilience and vitality within the system. This does not condone the use of toxins, but they can be seen as a form of negative catalyst, stimulating other levels of consciousness in both humans and the earth. Holding this perspective can help to loosen some of the self-judgment and shame we bear about our role in contaminating the earth. In brief, all actions, positive and negative, can serve to expand consciousness. In these days, we are being called to review everything with eyes wide open.