On Intuition

The Role of Intuition in These Times

I use the ancient Chinese terms yin and yang in these writings; together, they represent dualism existing within all things and their constantly changing interplay creates life, from the proton and electrons of atoms to the conscious and subconscious of the human psyche. The qualities of yin energy are seen as receptive, feminine, and dark, while yang energy is active, masculine and light. I also reference Sophia as the feminine face of God, or Wisdom.

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I am situated on the north side of the island on top of a rocky plateau, my back to the woody center of the island, lichen at my feet. The sky is grey with a wind from the east. Low rumbles all morning forecast the possibility of thunderstorms.

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To my right, a small grove of dead pine trees, two large ones and three small ones; a family, dead yet still standing. To my left, a healthy grove of mature pines and a mossy area where I rested last year in one of my listening sessions.

Having found this place, my task this morning is to listen for information about ‘the role of intuition in these times’:

Intuition, in its yin capacity, is the spherical receptor of all energy—past, present, and future, the formed and the unformed. That is both its blessing and its challenge; this function gives us access to everything that is, has been, and desires to become. Without a deep tethering in Sophia’s heart of silence, there can easily be confusion and distortion. This has plagued people forever, for ego is both required to hold the focused position for this deep listening-knowing, and it is required to surrender itself to that which wants to be revealed. To see intuition as solely a human capacity is to ignore the operational functionality within all Life here on earth and beyond.

Instinct & Intuition

We tend to see animals as ‘instinctive,’ but this perspective has arisen in part due to our separation from the natural world. If human beings opened themselves to interact, as you did yesterday with the water-snake, (we ‘communed’ for nearly half an hour, the snake lifting itself up from the water and gazing intensely at me as I lightly drummed my fingers on the rock) the instinctual responses in both human and animal could recede. This would make way for more refined possibilities of intuitive communion to emerge. Instinct maintains basic preservation; intuition assures the maintenance of the many subtle fields of interaction between all living things within the sacred web of Life.

One application of intuition is to reclaim what was debased, forgotten, and alienated from our everyday awareness. At this point in time, our instincts are quite warped and unreliable. This is clearly evident in the human realm; there are also signs in the animal kingdom that their instinctual behaviors are changing, partly due to increasingly stressful environments.

However, this is not all a tragic tale; a revitalization of the sacred web of life is possible through the application of intuition through a conscious weaving of new energies. This is the active, yang experience of intuition.

An example of yang intuition is through active or lucid dreaming which uses the intuition to perceive emergent possibilities. This type of work requires a very finely-tuned body-soul. Rather than recalling past forms of beauty and order, yang intuition engages in the realization of emergent energies. What hovers as ‘imaginative possibilities’ begins to take form—to literally ‘appear’.

Intuition solely developed through the yin-receptivity can remain somewhat ethereal; developing our yang intuitive capacities in concert with yin-receptivity allows us to interact with the corporeal world, to work with the ‘shaping’ of matter. The engaged dynamism between yin and yang modes of intuition expands our two-dimensional world into one that is multidimensional and in harmony with all Creation.

Currently, our interactions with all living things have been compromised by our reductionist, fearful and contracted consciousness. The tendency to name and analyze natural phenomena coupled with a failure to perceive our interconnectedness has created a ‘virtual’ world rather than a fully alive Earth. We cannot hope to save this virtual world; it is already a caricature of itself.

When our intuitive capacities are openly receptive to all forms of life, we can access the energetic information required for a truly inspired perception. In each moment, we are always presented with exactly what we need to see, feel, and interact with, yet people frequently edit most of what they need for a comprehensive perspective. With only partial information gathered from our intuitive insights, it is impossible to fully trust our intuition as a reliable, informative resource.

Intuition refuses to be controlled by our egoic agendas for its primary impulse resides in Source. Using our intuition for self-serving agendas breaks our sacred bond with Life. The ground for a refined intuition lies in tending our part in the web of life with awe and gratitude.

I hear a long rumble in the distance…. my time is almost complete.

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