On Masculine and Feminine

Learning about Masculine and Feminine Principles at the Grotto

grotto cave overview.jpg

Walking toward the west end of the island, I paused to eat ripe raspberries before entering the western harbour where the sound of the breeze vanished. Here, every gently lapping was like a whisper followed by a brief pause.

I know I’ve found the spot for my morning assignment: to learn about masculine and feminine energies. The grotto appears to me like a vagina; the small opening above suggests a clitoris. A large striped stone rests in the shadows, just inside the entrance... I settle and listen.

grotto 6.jpg

All masculine energy and form emerges from within the feminine matrix. This was true, is now, and always will be.

There are two things to see here:

  1. The feminine is capable of tremendous expansiveness, and is strongly boundaried. When the feminine is no longer able or meant to expand, she prepares to hold space for a birthing. This is the simple feminine principle: expand until the natural limit is attainable, then hold steady for the birth. In this, the feminine stays true to herself and allows the ‘other’ to find its natural way.

  2. The emergence of the masculine is always from within a dark womb. To shine a light into the womb and try to analyze what is gestating in the dark may compromise the process. The masculine withers under this untimely scrutiny. Emerging in its own timing, the masculine’s independent relatedness to the light is natural and strong. From this timely birth, an appropriate, differentiated and caring relatedness to the feminine is possible.

There is much more to be gleaned from this symbol but for now you have the essence, the core principles.