Deep Listening

Rolling waves of fear and anguish are washing over the earth. Though you hear and see much through the media and feel it in your bodies, pause for a moment, and feel how these waves of fear are also moving through the trees, the plants, the bodies of animals, the winds and the waters. You are not alone in experiencing what is occurring in the earth. Everything within the web of Life is breathing with you, seeking to find a safe ‘home’ within the turmoil.

Your presence is beginning to strengthen and deepen within this sacred circle. My call to you this evening is to find your quiet, deep ground. Make quiet space and time in your busy worlds to come home to yourself. Steady presence allows the power of Love and the wisdom of Truth to have its way within you.

The miracle that Jesus accomplished in calming the waters came through the simplicity of his presence. In these times, no single person can calm the waters, however, webs of hearts and circles of Love working together can achieve miracles.

The root you are establishing needs to be deep and strong. Its strength will be tested but do not take these tests as a problem to fix or a ‘fatal’ flaw. A tree does not judge or shy away from the rain, the sun or the wind. Instead, in times of growth or stress, it deepens its roots, drinks in the rain, opens to the sun and welcomes the wind in its branches.

Witnessing each other in open-hearted appreciation strengthens connections and loosens divisive, dualistic thinking. Spirit enters the open space. Everything is welcome within the sacredness. Everything yearns to be part of the making whole. Everything is alive, pulsing and readying to become something ‘other.’ Relax and trust.