The Sacred Well

The tendrils of your heart are stretched across the landscape of my body. I feel your intention to listen, to be present and to serve. I am nourished by your coming together, by your commitment and willingness to be broken open, and to surrender to a process of mystery that will change you and your communities. There will be changes you will not have anticipated.

It is a time like no other… You may feel the rule-book has been thrown out, that the ship of humanity is tossing on the waves and the vessel may break; this is not a useful perspective. It does not include the deeper rhythms of Nature and wisdom of the heart. Though humanity’s heart has contracted with fear, the Great Heart of the world remains accessible to those who listen.

Coming with grace and openness, you are inviting a process of restoration. The seed cracks open, the root reaches into the darkness; the course is set for what will unfold. Stay true to the light within that first root. Let it illumine the places that have been dark, wounded and hurt within you. Simply be with what is present.

Your task is to stretch the ache in your heart, to break open and create a new skin, one that will hold more love, understanding, and joy than you imagined. Stretching from within, as a pregnant belly does for a baby, is your current task.

In quiet times, when you sit with your own spirit-filled pregnancy and allow yourself to be filled full each day, follow the breath of your own love moving within you. Opening your minds and hearts, stretching your imaginations, and allowing your bodies to bear more freedom and joy expands the web of this circle. This is the most effective way to confront dark times—dedicating yourself to Life. Be bold in this! There is nothing to fear, other than the light of your own magnificence.