Honouring Our Vital Life Energy

There is a great swelling within the heart of humanity and within the earth herself. Something holy wants to be born. Great courage is needed to enter the silent darkness and to welcome the pressure as holy. Your entire being becomes a womb for that which would be born through you. This creative pressure can only be cultivated through silence.

In your daily life, you rarely see how much your steady presence provides a pathway for the organizing flow of life within the earth, including the fractured human world and the broken web of creation. Though you cannot repair all of this within one life-time, you can deepen your ability to drop into the sacred well for what you need, when you need it. Then you can lovingly stitch together the parts that are yours to tend.

An immensely potent energy is available at this time. Think of volcanic lava flowing freely… Individually and collectively, you are part of the fiery warmth moving in the earth; this energy heats up within these sacred circles. Trust this energy. Open, surrender, and let it flow in you. Your courageous task is to enter the holy stillness and listen for the impulse of new life waiting to fill you and the world.