From David

More and More Comes Into View

A poem from 2015 when I was that man…

Mr. Left Brain went for a walk
Looking for some Gaia talk.
Round and round and round he went
But never a message was he sent.
When he lost his early speed
He stumbled over a milkweed seed.

A sensation from the same time period…

You asked each of us in your course (Opening Gaia’s Light Mysteries) to go to a separate part of the garden to “see what they could see.” I lay down on the ground and perceived some kind of subterranean vibration, not as a sound or a physical feeling, but as a knowing. I imagined it is what champagne feels like before the cork is pulled. An unknown word came into my mind: TREMBULATION. When I looked it up it describes the sounds an underground microphone might pick up, such as worms sliding by and beetles digging.

A year or so later…

On the 6 of August 2016 I made a deliberate attempt to contact nature spirits near my Scottish home. It is in a quiet, flat bottomed, glaciated glen with wooded slopes. The water supply for the house is a spring on the north slope. When I returned to the house, I wrote the following note:

Last week I tried to make contact with the trees by the spring. Going through the coniferous forest it was easy to feel “observed” by the trees—on a tingling spine and a change in breathing. At the spring I asked to make a connection but felt I was not received. Four or five days later I realized that I had approached the trees the day after cutting down a pine at the house, no wonder there was no connection!

Yesterday I made a new approach apologizing for my macho behaviour with the pine and appealing with my feminine side and pendulum. Almost immediately a breeze struck up, when it had been flat calm before. Also a branch deep inside the strand of trees vibrated wildly as if something had jumped off it. It was the only moving branch; it was not a bird leaving. With the pendulum I asked if I could contact the spirits—it said yes and I tried. I perceived a “green mist” over the gully and its residents, like the parting vapour of an exhaling whale.

I think the spirits I connected with are deeper than the trees, i.e. the gully and the ground itself—the actual geology—it was a very slow “wakening” by human time scale. I even articulated aloud “It’s been a very long time,” but I don’t really know where the words came from. Today I see the stand of trees differently from the house—it feels they “stand out” from the background.