Receiving Messages from Nature

We are designed to receive a wealth of living information from Nature. While our five senses provide our primary contact with the natural world, other forms of knowing, such as intuition and heart-listening, are mostly lost arts. Softening our egos and surrendering our projected expectations and assumptions, we can begin to be educated!


Take a question, or a simple desire to listen, and let yourself to be drawn to something in the landscape. Using the example of a tree, settle into a comfortable position and focus your attention on your body-soul, your inner landscape, while maintaining your connection with the tree’s aliveness. Soften your gaze and focus on your breath as you merge with the tree. There is a threshold where our ‘normal’ sense of separateness dissipates; perceiving Nature’s coherent frequencies throughout your body, you may even sense Nature’s awareness of your presence.

Nature’s language is multi-dimensional; ‘speech’ takes many forms. Let yourself be sensuously ‘impressed’ by Her frequencies. You may feel sensations—a gentle pressure in your sacrum, a subtle lengthening of your spine, or a ‘branching-open’ throughout your upper torso. Images or simple phrases may spontaneously arise; a memory may surface or an unexpected emotion. Shifting between deep heart-listening (like a radio) to receiving images (like television) will give you a broader range of complementary information.

Stay open; premature interpretations disrupt the fragile rapport between you and the tree. Rest in the mystery; some messages take months, or even years, to comprehend! Take notes. Nature’s messages can be as fleeting and ephemeral as a cloud! Leaving with gratitude to the tree and to Nature, hold the soulful exchange gently in your heart.