Releasing Snake

Day 56

Eager to greet Snake this morning, I almost rushed to him, now huge again under the ice. ‘Hold me,’ I said, though how this was possible seemed highly unlikely but I dove in and burrowed between the huge coils of his body. Snake adjusted his body slightly to accommodate me, then a remarkable thing happened.

The ice melted, and Snake began to slowly lift into the space above the pool, not as a singular snake-charming head-up, body-following rising. It was as though all of him swelled to fill the air above him, and as this happened, his body morphed into colours. Though his presence was still Snake, it was transformed and continued morphing in the way I had seen the world in a previous meditation. I remembered the anaconda dream where I could only see a portion of its huge body as baby snakes come off or attached themselves to its huge snake-column. In this meditation, a sparking energy animated the central area, as though a vast amount of energy had been creatively released.

Then I realized that what had constellated this dramatic and almost instantaneous shift was my genuine and spontaneous desire to be held, to dive in and ‘break the ice’ without any hesitation or reservation. Never had I done this before. Affection yes, but always guarded. Open, but always with a desire to learn. My spontaneous impulse was what released Snake into his glorious fullness.

I had a sense of how much the world was being restored through this simple encounter. I barely understand it all…